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Recent Projects


My Adventures With Superman

Warner Bros Animation, 2021           - Directed by Diana Huh

Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 1.15.54 PM.png

For Recruiters Only

For Recruiters Only


The Owl House

Disney TV Animation, 2020-2021                 -Directed by Bridget Underwood


The following boards are not timed so I present them here as Speaker Decks, which you step through by clicking the arrows, the left or right side of the panel, or your arrow keys.

If you prefer to watch them as videos please see all the same content on my Vimeo Page.  TY!

S2 E21 - Belos Goes Berserk

S2 E18 - Hunter Wake Up

S2 E18 - Interrogation

S2 E18 - Hexside Hall Fight                   -Includes drawings by Director Bridget Underwood

S2 E15 - Clawthorne Sisters

S2 E15 - Principal Faust

Go to my ->

Screenshot 2023-03-05 at 1.00.08 PM.png

S3 E02 - Bedtime Story

S2 E21 - A Deal With Belos

S2 E03 - Hugs All Around

S3 E03 - Boiling Rain

S2 E12 - Glyphs In Time

S2 E12 - Search For Science

S3 E02 - Super Fun For Everyone -ROUGHS

Here's a sample of my Rough boards.  Cleans were handled differently on this episode and were divided among multiple artists including myself.  Clean Version Here w drawings by King Pecora, Inbal Breda, Ben Holm, and me.


Previous Storyboard Projects

The Tiger's Apprentice

Paramount Feature Animation, 2019

Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts

Dreamworks TV Animation, 2017-2019

Rise Of The TMNT

Nickelodeon Animation, 2018

Love Death Robots - Suits

Blur Studios, 2017

Teen Titans- The Judas Contract
Gotham By Gaslight
Death Of Superman
Suicide Squad- Hell To Pay
Reign Of The Supermen
Young Justice- Season 2

Warner Bros Animation, 2015-2017


Practical Sculpting

Tauriel - Collectible Statue
Merry & Pippin - Collectible Statue
The Hobbit - Prosthetics and Creature Design

Weta Workshop, 2011-2012


CG Modeling - Characters & Facial Rigs

The Hobbit
Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
The Adventures of Tin Tin: The Secret Of The Unicorn
James Cameron's "Avatar"

Weta Digital, New Zealand, 2008-2011, 2012

The Golden Compass
The Spiderwick Chronicles
Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Tippett Studio, 2006-2008

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