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Currently accepting a limited amount of requests!

If you would like a piece of art from me, now's a good time to ask! I will do traditional pieces in monochrome. If you would like a digital piece, I can color it.

Currently my base price is $300 for one character, but depending on the complexity of the character/specifics you request, the price can increase as it will take longer for me to produce.

I will reserve the right to decline your request if it is something I cannot deliver or if it is something I cannot put my heart into.

If I accept your request, I will begin once I receive half of the payment up front. I will deliver your piece upon receipt of the 2nd half of payment + the cost of shipping.

I'm looking forward to making something special for you!!

Commission Inquiry


Please use this form to contact me directly about Commissions! 

Thank you for your interest in having a piece from me!!

Which format?

Do you have something particular in mind for your piece? If so, please describe your request for me below!   If you'd like to leave it in my hands, just write "Artist Choice"!

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